[Complete] Dec 28 - 29 scheduled maintenance: Prepping for pDEX v3

Hey everyone, happy holidays. :tea:

The first version of the new Incognito Exchange will go live in a few days! There are a few things to prep.

From Dec 28, 8PM ET to Dec 29, 8PM ET (approx.), pDEX related functions such as Trade and Add/Remove liquidity will be paused. During this time, we will be:

  • Upgrading the protocol and backend services
  • Removing liquidity from the old pDEX and adding it to the new Incognito exchange
  • Internally testing the upgrade

Important note: to avoid any potential issues, please do not initiate any trades using the app, trading bots etc. during this period.

All other features will remain functional, such as shield, unshield, send, receive, node operation, and Provide deposits and withdrawals.

The release should be available in the app stores sometime next week.

Hope everyone’s feeling festive, eating well, and having a good time. :star2:

Chat soon!


Your local time: 2021-12-29T01:00:00Z → 2021-12-30T01:00:00Z


So I just downloaded and tried to do a swap before I even saw this … I just deposited .3 btc , made a trade for pv token 13k of them and then traded for eth and it only gave me .06 eth please help me !!!

@Support Per the notes above, shouldn’t the Trade and Add buttons be grayed out instead of the Provide button?

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you were fucked up by the devs. They tend to do this, you know, changing shit without any previous notice. They will tell you that they posted about this but in the meantime you lost your trade because all is definitive and you should payed attention. Better luck next time!

I had no idea I had to sign into a forum before I used the platform !! Bottom line is if there doing upgrades it shouldn’t have allowed me to make the trade … how the hell am I suppose to know , I traced the btc address and there is 7 btc in the wallet can I please get my btc back minus the .65 eth ? Seriously tho … that’s 12k that they have still it’s not lost


I just replied to your support ticket. I need more information from you, please provide it.

@JG20 Parts/features of the app are greyed out as needed.

Isn’t Trade paused right now because of moving liquidity? But the button isn’t grayed out. So if you do trade you’ll lose your shirt.

Update: Just got the iOS update. Looks like the liquidity is there. Dark mode! Nice work devs!!!

Definitely wasn’t grayed out lol I wouldn’t be in this position lol

Hello Incognito users,

I just wanted to get you updated that the maintenance is almost finished, you can update the latest Incognito app from stores and start experiencing the first version of the new Incognito exchange alongside other improvements by now. There still are a few things left we are working on such as adding more pools and their liquidity, fixing some bugs on pPancake (the other features should be functional as expected). We expect to get these done in a couple of hours and will keep you posted then.

Thanks for your patience and support!


Jared liked all my messages and doesn’t reply … all I’m asking is I swapped 13k pv coins and they got my 13k it was there own coin , I just want what I didn’t receive …anyone please , it’s been over 24 hours with no answers and I’m out 14 thousand dollars why isn’t anyone messaging me back …


I have just replied to your ticket.

Is it safe to shield/unshield with the new app yet, or should we wait until you guys announce that you’re done? Thanks!

There is a surprise with vnodes - all rewards were withdrawn without me initiating withdrawal on Dec 30? Also node monitor page is empty ?

Just checked my nodes, earnings haven’t been withdrawn so it might be unique to you.


Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, all systems are a go! Shields, Un-Shields, and Provide.

Join pool vs Provide
Checking new app I noticed reward rates joining a pool are much lower than using provide. Are there any additional benefits when using join pool not immediately obvious ?

From my understanding Provide will be phased soon since the join pool replaces it as the main way to provide liquidity. The exemption is Privacy Lock which serves a different purpose (stake prv to fund vnodes without having to operate them yourself).

The yields on the pools were previousoy mentioned previously in the original post “introducing pdex v3”. Not sure how yields change, it appears to be happening in the app. The original post discussed how the new pdex token would facilitate that but it might also change dynamically depending on pool size. Would need to clarify this.

I lost 14000 dollars the other day am they don’t seem to care I traded there nativ token and they gave me .06 not realizing because the pool had no liquidity and no one is messaging me back what so ever !!! Can someone please fucking help me