Buy or sell Privacy Quest tokens!

You don’t want to spin the wheel? You want more spins?

I’ve a solution for you!

You can now buy, sell or add liquidity to the new PRV-QUEST trading pair!

Happy trading and happy gambling :wink:


I’ll double down on your coin and make a coin that is inverse to this! Called QuestKEK

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@Fatfaa this trading pair uses the official QUEST coin you get by opening chests :wink:


There’s only 3 quest in the pool. Hmmmm I can’t buy in…unless 1 quest is valued at .5 btc! Lol

yeah, I put almost all my quest tokens in liquidity, we need more liquidity providers :wink:

current price = 0.111 QUEST per PRV, so you need 9 PRV to get a spin, that’s pretty cheap to win 1 BTC :joy:


But are the odds exactly like they are in the wheel? Lol

Why provide? What is your strategy? Why should I provide more? :laughing:

Everything can be traded :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What is the real price of a lottery ticket? That’s what I want to see.

Thanks to the Incognito network tokenization, it’s easy to test :slight_smile:

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Current price of a QUEST token: 4 PRV

Total QUEST in the pool: 11

It’s a good time to provide liquidity!


So if you have QUEST tokens you can spin the wheel? Or do you have to have won a chest before you can spin?

Hey @FutureMiner, if you receive QUEST token in your address, it means you’ve won the chest where contains that QUEST.

1 QUEST = 1 spin. The wheel will launch on November 19. So try to scan the QR code and accumulate QUEST as much as possible :slight_smile:

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… and sell them for PRV if you don’t want to spin the wheel :wink:

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Hah thanks you for adding on information :wink:

Hey guys, just want to update that the wheel official launch date will be moved to November 26 (along with more interesting things :slight_smile: )

Everyone can check this post for further information: A better prize wheel (26 November) Thank you!


everyone wants to spin the wheel, but if anyone wants to sell tokens, i would like to buy haha


How much for a token now, I want to buy

You can find the pair on the pDex. You can trade QUEST freely there :slight_smile:


Just imagine if 1 quest has 400 people joined, then 400 tokens, and we have around 30 quests. Who can trade half of the token amount will have 6000 tokens, tired of spinning


lol, crazy idea, no one sells that much token, even 100