Buy Hard Wallet Anonymously?

Newbie here again. I’m trying to figure out how to purchase a Ledger Nano anonymously. I’d appreciate any suggestions…

Buy at a store for fiat if you can find one.

It doesn’t really matter to buy it anonymously imho but I don’t see any reason to buy it directly from ledger. Buy it from an online reseller in your geographic region.

Ledgers are a bit different than Trezors. Trezors are all sealed up and in theory the hardware isn’t secure (but I don’t know if it’s ever been exploited in real life). Ledgers come with no software loaded on them so wherever you buy it, you’ll load fresh software. You could probably even buy a used one, create a new seed, and be fine.

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Wow, I’ve read that you should ONLY buy a hardware wallet from the company website. I’m new to all of this, so I’d rather buy new. Thanks for your help!

Yes–that was the original train of thought for years just to make sure it was not tampered with—BUT ledger didn’t secure it’s data so every customer that ever bought from them is now exposed. I would imagine ledger has beefed up their security now so you probably will be fine if you want to buy direct.

Especially if you’re new, please wait for other comments too. Someone might post something that contradicts me completely. I think no matter where you buy a hardware wallet you’re going to be glad you put your crypto on it :slight_smile:


I agree, and will do! :+1:t4: