[BUG] Withdraw all rewards from "Power" not working

Hello Incognito Dev Team,

I have tried on several occasions the “Withdraw all rewards” button in the “Power” section.
I have multiple vNodes running, all Active.
I have a balance of greater than 2 PRV in all wallets.
All my vNodes have balances over 10 PRV in each, ready for withdrawal.

Every time I tap on the “Withdraw all rewards” I get the following error message:

Account Name: Anon, XXX1, XXX2, XXX3, XXX4, XXX5, XXX6... Insufficient PRV balance to cover network fee. 0.1 PRV is required per node.

Are others experiencing the same issue?

FYI @Jared, your thoughts on what may be the issue here?

Hello @Linnovations,

This is currently a known app issue. For the time being please click on each individual node and withdraw that way. I will speak with our app team and find out where we are at on fixing this.


Thanks for the quick reply @Jared.

May I just say, you are an amazing resource on this project. You always provide such timely responses and you are across so many different aspects of this project.
We are so lucky to have you and we appreciate you. :pray:


Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! :raised_hands:
Incognito and PRV to the mooooon! :incognito: :prv: :rocket: :full_moon: