BTC shields could take hours now?

Yesterday I made a BTC “shield” as usual, a couple of hours later and with 10 confirmations on the BTC network, the operation was still pending in Incognito. I messaged @jared, made other shields, and confirmed that it only happened on the BTC network with different accounts. @support took 15 hours to resolve the issue. I wrote to them asking what had happened, was it my mistake? A network problem? And 10 hours later, they haven’t replied. I would like them to respond, preferably publicly. What could cause shields to take 15 hours to confirm? Can it happen again? Is the network reliable?

Yes. The Earth may stop turning too :joy:


I genuinely expect a mature answer from @Support. (I know you are not support, thank god)

Do you know if the network is reliable, or do you believe it is? If you have knowledge, please explain your wisdom like a grown-up.

The network is reliable and has been audited by a third party.
Edit: But I’m pretty sure the audit just proves there is no back door to steal your funds. It doesn’t guarantee there will be no bugs (which there still appears to be)

There are probably bugs like in all apps, but what worries me is the secrecy with which the developers handle those bugs. Considering that it’s not an app for editing photos but a network where we entrust our money, lack of communication is counterproductive. There was an error yesterday, why doesn’t anyone want to explain what happened? Then, when the community wonders if the project is dying, roadmaps and future objectives suddenly appear. But the ecosystem is losing users today. Well, it’s nothing that hasn’t been discussed here ad nauseam. Maybe I’m the one in the wrong for being inquisitive. I should be grateful for what they give me and use the app quietly.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Any and all app/network issues are followed up with a report of what happened and the actions being taken to ensure it doesn’t reoccur in the future. Thoroughly analyzing these investigations is a time-intensive process undertaken to ensure precise gathering of facts and accurate identification of the underlying issue at hand.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation by our development team, it was determined that there was no error, but rather a temporary delay for some BTC TXs. The root cause of the delay was identified as an offline beacon node resulting from a hard disk issue. Consequently, BTC transactions assigned to that specific node experienced a temporary stall until the node was brought back online.

I am pleased to inform you that despite this occurrence, the overall network and blockchain remained fully functional and operated as expected, with only a limited number of pending or delayed transactions.

Over the course of more than four years, the Incognito chain has undergone continuous and rigorous development. Throughout this period, there has been an unwavering track record of successfully processing all shields/unshields without any instances where transactions have failed to be executed.

We greatly appreciate the prompt notification from @abduraman regarding the downtime of the beacon node. Following this alert, our systems swiftly verified the reported status, confirming the temporary unavailability of the node.

@abduraman possesses an exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and related domains. He has consistently proven his value as a member of our community committee since its inception.

While you may not agree with the manner in which he responded, it is undeniable that his answers were accurate.

The development team is actively engaged in deliberations aimed at implementing measures to mitigate potential issues arising from the offline status of a beacon node.

With that being said, by increasing the number of beacon nodes, the likelihood of a node experiencing downtime is significantly diminished. It is worth noting that individuals meeting the pre-established specifications have the opportunity to run a beacon node, thus contributing to the network’s resilience and stability.


Really honored. Thanks. I’m just a continuous learner :slight_smile:

I was just trying to assure you it was not an important problem. My method was joking but it seems I failed :rofl: Sorry about that.

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So much talking but it happened again. With the purpose of conducting a test, I created a new master key in Incognito. I sent 3 PRV (privacy coin) and then performed a shield of 0.00016 BTC (Bitcoin). The PRV transaction never arrived in the account. The shield status remains “Processing” even after 10 confirmations on the BTC network. Since this is a test account, I can provide all the data here.
Incognito address: 12sxMBJixiwjrHqDw8DK9GHWiXCx9YioZ5yAkM7X9LgN9tEXaPNWCfcYkm9RRD3p321R9Dphdt5b8DVfEHzAH8AXHpBHwoKRzFMxCUtUZaE3WqCic7iE61b4u8z85G5es1xegTv2ivZsD4tCfB92
Btc Tx ID

As you can see, the problem is far from being resolved. The network is not reliable at the moment. I hope you take this matter seriously, as for my part, I am giving up on trying to continue using the application. After two years and countless issues, I believe there are better options available. @jared @support Thank you for all the assist provided during this time.

Edit for clarification: The PRV transaction was done yesterday. The BTC shield was done today.

Sorry but I’ve started to believe that you are not a long time user of Incognito. Here is why:

cd84122a0cda74c22dbaa878a0b0c5f9ca2473108fc70f992a9f87363bffba39 seems broadcasted at Jul 7, 10:47 GMT+3 and you sent the post above at Jul 7, 12:18 PM GMT+3. Only 1.5 hours passed. I shielded BTC many times and I contact @ support if that duration exceeds 5-6 hours. In most cases, shieldings at the smart contract networks take 5-10 min and BTC shieldings take at most 3-4 hours. Most long time users are aware of this.

Btw, after 6 (if I remember the exact number correctly) confirmations, #confirmations on Bitcoin network is not related to the process in Incognito network.

@abduraman, please avoid answering if you are uncertain. We ask for trust and you provide doubts.

No, I don’t but you are perfectionist. None of them you shared isn’t new to me. Your screenshots are meaningless. I’m already aware what is written there but I write usual experience. Yes, BTC shieldings can take hours. Yes, the statements or the process always may be improved more. Yes, the network is mostly reliable. The remaining is your call. Good luck in your perfect world :slight_smile:

The BTC shielding transaction has now disappeared from the app. After 59 confirmations and 9 hours, not only was it not processed, but the app doesn’t display it either. Yesterday’s transfer of 3 PRV also doesn’t appear. Is it possible that I’m a perfectionist who wants transactions to be completed and shielding not to disappear? It’s money, folks, we’re not talking about points in a video game.

How soon after creating the wallet did you send the PRV and BTC over?

5 minutes the PRV, several hours the BTC.

Please send over your OTA key via PM to @Support and we can take a look and try to isolate the issue.