Badge Rewards program closes, a new chapter starts

Hi everyone,

It has been such an amazing year to have you all join in building a healthy community. Thank you for being enthusiastic about the Incognito family throughout the 1st year of the project! :black_heart:

Given that most of you have enjoyed the community rewards program by earning various badges since back in March this year, it’s clear that the campaign has been hugely successful in building a community-driven environment.

You likely received our email yesterday about the end of the Badge Rewards program. Now, we would like to announce that the program officially closed on Thursday, November 12th, 2020. You will no longer receive weekly emails and the respective PRV reward from us each Thursday.

What’s next?

For the time being, badges will still remain on the forum. You can browse through the list of all available badges, keep the ones you’ve earned, and continue earning new ones without a prv reward.

The community program is now under construction. New initiatives will be announced for the whole community in the near future. Stay tuned! :loudspeaker:

We need your input!

Our community forum at has been getting >100k monthly visitors lately. That’s an impressive milestone and needless to say, all credit to you, friends! We want to steward this attention wisely and build something amazing for everyone involved!

Should you have any ideas about how to build a super active and helpful community, increase the retention rate for the website, or better convert visitors to real members, do not hesitate to leave your comment here in this thread :point_down:, or DM me personally. I’m always happy to talk!

From the Incognito fam with :black_heart:


Incentivize the actions you wish the users to take.

X PRV for downloading the wallet (I think I got 1 PRV if I remember right)
X PRV for shielding first coins
X PRV for completing first pdex trade
X PRV for completing $10,000 in trading volume
X PRV for completing $50,000 in trading volume
X PRV for completing $100,000 in trading volume.

I would love some activity to earn enough PRV for 1 weekly unshield. You could also have bronze, silver, gold levels–not in the discorse but in the app.

X activity gets bronze status and Y list of benefits, etc.


Hey @marko, thanks for your inputs! Some incentives granted for the actual actions sound good. Let us work out on this and figure out what will work best for the community.

So some sort of gameification huh? Our biggest issue with community incentives is abuse. With the past badge reward program, there was so much abuse that we constanly had to adjust/remove the program. With that said, how would you go about preventing abuse if a system of this sort was implemented?

It doesn’t need to be complicated…just if there is action you want people to take, consider an incentive. It’s very similar to the PROVIDE feature where you’re adjusting the rates to influence the size of the pools.

Maybe incognito is growing just fine, in which case you don’t need anything new.

The thing that sticks out in my mind is that we have a seemingly high number of unique monthly visitors to (not sure if that’s counting or not) but they are not downloading the app/converting. The reward doesn’t have to be given immediately. You could give it to them after 30 days if they have maintained a certain balance, or whatever.

If you were to incentivize pdex trades, quite likely the reward is smaller than the losses they would achieve. The pricing on pdex is not great and nearly 100% of the time there is a bot that front runs and steals the 1% the retail app users must have currently by default. I’d say there is no way to abuse this except you’d have to limit this by trading within the app I think—not RPC users.

I wouldn’t devote a lot of time to this, I think the current roadmap is more urgent. It’s just an idea.

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Hey @marko Appreciate the prompt response.

I do believe we are growing quite good :slight_smile: Yet we do want to roll out with a community incentive program, so this is good brainstorming. I do see something like this happening, but i dont think it will be too soon, as you mentioned our current roadmap is definitely our priority right now, but regardless i highly appreciate the input.


sad to know, that’s why long time no see any mails from Incognito


Hey @Adolt_Toland, glad to know that you’re happy to receive bunch of emails from us, while someone finds it annoying haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Btw new community initiatives will be implemented soon. Keep an eye on the forum activities. :wink:


Even we don’t receive any rewards from Incognito, but I think it’s quite fun when you have a cool badge besides ur account


some kind of mails are annoying, but some are useful, I till read every single mail from Incognito


Thanks :wink:

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That’s the reason why we maintain the badges on the forum, so everyone can continue gaining more new badges and they all show up in each member’s profile. :grin: