Many new badges – sorry about your inbox

If you’ve just gotten an onslaught of notifications today telling you about a bunch of badges you earned - sorry! I just enabled a few new badges and they’ve all been awarded retroactively. Just click dismiss – and uh, congrats on your shiny new badges.

The community program is now under maintenance – badges will still be awarded (evidently), but won’t come with any rewards for now. Spammers have been draining resources for a while now, and the badges initiative needs an update either way. Crazy to think that PRV was $0.15 when this originally launched!

@ducky and @marina are working on the new program and should have some details for you soon.


:joy: I was wondering why I got 12+ of the same badges all at once.

Sorry if they were annoying, but just enjoy if you found it interesting :joy: :sweat_smile:
We’re working on more programs for the community. New year, new chapter! Stay tuned!


I feel you bro lmao :sweat_smile: