(Answered) Why the minimum of shield and unshield for BTC is so high?

Sometimes I just want to donate maybe two dollars in BTC to a free software foudation, but I find that sending 0.0008 means actually 9.31 dollars, so I dismiss the idea of donating anything.
Why does the minimum needs to be that high? And in the near future could that be lowered?



Hey @J053

Todays PRV holders call had a bit of information regarding your concern.

Heres a link to the exact moment where they talk about this: Link

Hope that helps.


Thanks! I actually asked that question, but I thought it was ignored so I left a few minutes before it was answered :sweat_smile:.


What about the idea to make a donation without unshielding BTC?

Can you just offer to the projects your donate to add incognito wallet for receiving donations confidentially on incognito with one address for most of coins ?

This is win-win - win scenario.

  • the company got donation
  • you support your favorite projects without limitations
  • incognito ecosystem grows

Applicable for any kind of donations or payments.


They flagged my propposal as spam at UBports :sob:.
Edit: Someone told me admins will still review it, so there is still a chance they download the app.


I realize this post is nearly 2 years old, but the link you provided does not actually answer the question. It appears Andrey simply misunderstood the question. His answer was about network fees.

The question here is in regard to the required minimum amount of BTC to shield or unshield. Apparently this amount was raised even higher since this was posted, from 0.0008 to 0.001 BTC.

Someone else asked about this required minimum a year ago and got no response.

Can someone explain why there is such a high minimum required to simply shield/unshield? Or even a minimum at all?

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Hello @drusin,

That is the correct amount. You will need to shield at least 0.001 BTC (or currently ~$20) for your shield to process.

Whenever you shield funds they first come from the public blockchain > go into a smart contract > then a pCoin (in this case pBTC) is minted > this is sent to your Incognito wallet. Due to the mechanics of this, smaller amounts less than 0.001 BTC would be eaten up by the fees.