(Answered) Incscan not being up to date or accurate.

Each time I review Explore function which is the incognito block data, it never seems updated or accurate. The PRV price has been at $1.41 for weeks. Is there any tutorials on how to interrupt this data? It makes me very nervous when I see this data and wondering if it is correct. I would consider tipping incscan team if I felt at all confident the data was accurate. I love the project and would deposit much more If I could see what is happening on chain. Peace!

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Please use explorer.incognito.org. incscan is undergoing ownership transfer and will have outdated stats for the time being.


Is there any other site that has price history for PRV? I was relying on incscan for this as I plan to actually report my earnings on my taxes.

I use this for my taxes.

The newest version of the app now has a button to export a CSV with all account information. Please check it out.

This will be extremely helpful, is the csv in cointracker format?

That I’m not sure of. If it is not please let us know and I can see if it can be changed.