(Answered) how to buy a bitcoin

Hello, I am here to exchange cash to BTC and I dont know how to do it. Can someone help ?


Hello @APC,

We do not offer a method for Fiat to Crypto.

Others have used a BTC ATM or other means of getting crypto.

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Hello Jared,
thank you.
Did I unrstand correct: I have to exchange cash to BTC on BTC ATM and then if I want to exchange BTC to other coins come back?

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Yes, that is correct. We currently do not offer a way for users to deposit/shield fiat or cash, only crypto.

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You can also look at a non-custodial online service such as hodlhodl.com that allows for the trading of bitcoin with multiple fiat currencies. Relatively much cheaper than a Bitcoin ATM and totally anonymous…DYOR
Tip: Create a new email address just for use with HodlHodl sign-up.



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You don’t necessarily need to buy bitcoin for cash. If you use a regular exchange to buy coins and then withdraw to your incognito wallet, then the coins are pooled with everyone else here. The longer you stay in the ecosystem the better. If you unshield don’t make it the same exact amount you originally shielded or someone might be able to figure out it’s you using on-chain data.

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Hey @marko, long time no see you around and thanks for your help other Incognito community members with the answer :pray: