[Announcement] Limited Edition pNodes

Then that answers the question. Why is it still in the app like we can hook one up? Or did that finally get removed?

If a user needs to set one up on a new phone. That screen can also be used if someone wants to run a vNode (similar to a pNode but without dedicated hardware).

There is a possibility of us producing a pNode v2, however, nothing is set in stone and there is currently a global supply chain shortage.


Maybe you can put something in the app that makes that clearer? That way folks like me don’t get confused.


Sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the auctions (and the giveaway too!), should indeed stir up some excitement!


i am interested in them too the pnodes.

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Me too @BrandTheMan!

When I first learnt about this amazing project the Growth Team at the time (led by @andrey ) was promoting the next generation of the pNode.

I had saved up enough money to buy a pNode, but then decided to hold off when I saw the prototypes for the Node Tree (I literally drooled)

I missed out getting my hands on a pNode because this happened - Node orders suspended, production halted

Even though I was very upset because I really wanted to support this project. So I made the decision to build my own vNode (Virtual Node).

For me this was not a easy decision as I’m not an IT / Technical person, I never touched Linux before, I thought Ubuntu was some exotic African fruit. It forced me to learn about Linux, the command line, shell scripts, config files, Nano text editing, opening ports on routers etc. I had a tonne of help and support from this amazing community. This is another reason why I love being part of this community.

I decided to document my process to inspire others, here is my post - Step-By-Step: How I built a Virtual Node on World's Smallest Mini PC

Warning, it’s now out of date as there are much better installation scripts that make things a lot simpler.

If this post has inspired you to build your own vNode, check out this post by the legend @Rocky - How to setup your own node in a blink of an eye (Now support multi-nodes per host)


I appreciate it. I am going to buy a Threefold.io Node computer here shortly. That thing will mine 3fold, Presearch and any other Linux type node I want to run. They are awesome!


I didn’t have much information about 3fold project. @BrandTheMan Now I’ve examined it a little bit and I like it. It has 3000+ nodes and a weblet concept which makes installing the apps/nodes easy. Currently ~10 (including Presearch) projects have weblets developed by its community. Once you have a TF node and someone develops an Incognito weblet, you can run an Incognito node in 3 simple steps:

1- Open a site (https://play.grid.tf/).
2- Enter the required parameters like validator key, private key etc.
3- Click “Deploy” button :slight_smile:

@Jayce_Nguyen You may consider some collaboration with this project.


I know right! Threefold is a very low key project, the devs say they do not want to advertise. They want organic growth. 3fold is doing the Internet Computer model but much better! Very cool stuff coming down the pike. I currently have a Helium Miner with a 5G Antenna and I pre-ordered a Hive Miner for GeoSpatial-Mining while I drive. Next is 3fold and PRV Node! :100:


Incognito has this approach too.


Hi man, this maybe the thing we need now. I’m contacting this team and see what we have in common. Thank you for the suggestion o.


Looking forward to the auctions! I wish the pnodes would come back. The plug in and earn concept had such widescale growth potential.


100% agree with you @arista85.

Truth be told, it was pNodes that got me interested in this project. The appeal of simply plugging in a device the support a “Privacy First” blockchain and earn some PRV tokens for doing so was just so appealing to me.

I had just saved up enough to buy my 1st pNode when the “Node Tree” concepts were floated. I didn’t end up buying a pNode.

I was a little upset when I heard the news that Incognito stopped selling the pNodes. But on the flip side, I’m glad it happened as it forced me to learn about Linux, the command line and setting up and running my own vNodes.

I do feel there’s a real world need for “Plug and Play” pNodes so that the project become more inclusive, to allow common-folk (non-technical humans) the ability to participate in this blockchain project. These broader appeal will help scale and expand this network to every household/corner of the world.

The right to privacy is the MOST important human right. Making incognito fully decentralised and also available to anyone to participate is vital to humanity moving forward in the future. This is why I remain so bullish on this project (even in the bear markets) and will continue to support and grow this network.


Progress is being made! Fiber laser engraving the pNodes with a Limited Edition tag! :muscle: :partying_face: :zap:


Looking good!




20220818_163607 20220818_163312

Another update. Testing and upgrades are underway on all Limited Edition pNodes. We are getting closer to the auction and giveaways! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s official! Limited Edition pNodes will be available starting October 31st!

Rules for the auction:
:jack_o_lantern: Bid increments of +$10
:jack_o_lantern: Shipping costs separate
:jack_o_lantern: Total due on auction close (can pay via card or crypto)
:jack_o_lantern: NO snipe bidding. Any bids within the last 3 minutes of auction close extend the auction by 3 minutes. The auction ends after 3 minutes have passed the last bid
:jack_o_lantern: There are no limits to how many times you can bid.
Did you get outbid? Bid again! :muscle:
:jack_o_lantern: Be respectful to each other. Don’t worry if you get outbid, there will be other chances to get a Limited Edition pNode :grin:

The first auction will be on October 31st. We will make an announcement, tweet, and send out an email to let everyone know when the bidding window is open.


This may have been answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Does this come with a full 1750 PRV stake?

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Yes, the pNodes are still eligible for funded staking.

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