All you need to know about shielding your crypto!

How to shield a coin:

1 - At the homescreen, tap ‘Assets’.

2 - Select ‘Shield’ button.

3 - Select the coin you want to shield. If it’s not there, please search and add it to the list.

4 - Copy the one-time shielding address (or just simply scan the QR code), and then send your funds to it.

Please note that this is a one-time address and it will expire in 2 hours. You can only send to the address once, and it must be within the time limit. Do NOT initiate two transactions with the same shielding address.

Problems that can occur while shielding:

1 - Expired transactions - Funds didn't show up

Reason: The sender (i.e: an exchange) takes too long to process your withdrawal, so when your funds are out of the exchange, it already exceeded the time limit. Or, your funds can’t reach to the Incognito network due to network congestion.

For ETH/ ERC20 token:
Please reach out to us here with the following information:

i - The transaction hash of the transfer. You can get it from the sender.
ii - A screenshot of the expired deposit. You can get it on the Incognito wallet app with the below steps:

For other tokens:
You only need to tap “Retry” on the deposit request

2 - Sending funds to the same shielding address more than once

Your funds could be lost in this way. If you accidentally send the funds to a pre-used shielding address or you sent it after the time limit expired, please reach out to us asap with:

i - transaction hash of sending transaction
ii - screenshot of shielding transaction from the app

3 - Failed Transactions

We need to check it case by case. Please provide us:

i - transaction hash of sending transaction
ii - screenshot of the failed deposit from the app

4 - Pending Transactions/ Waiting for too long

The shielding time depends on how fast the transactions for that particular coin are processed on that blockchain and how fast the Incognito chain processes. It also depends on the transaction fees that you set at the beginning. If you think you have waited long enough, please reach out to us with:

i - transaction hash of sending transaction
ii - screenshot of shielding transaction from the app

5 - Successful Transaction - No coins showed up in the account

Make sure you added the correct token and that token is in your wallet. For example, I want to add the DAI coin:

The one with the green tick mark is correct.

Now it is on my screen:


Hi, how long does it take for the one-time shielding address to get refresh? I have made a deposit and it is still showing me the previous address.


Hi @culgin, the temp address will expire after 2 hours. Within those 2 hours, if you make another deposit (while the first tx still shows a status of ‘Pending [0]’ ), the address will not change.

once the tx is in the next processing or successful stages [1], [2], or [3], you will be able to generate a new shielding address for that coin.

there might be a little wait sometimes while your deposit is detected, but it shouldn’t take too long. you can see your tx stage from the coin detail screen, and also in the tx detail screen. hope that helps!


How do I generate the new shielding address when in the successful stages? There doesn’t seem to be an option for that

Hi @culgin, if you received the funds of your first deposit, simply tap on “Shield” again in the Assets screen to get a new shielding address.


I have not experienced the app generating a new shielding address if I tape “Shield” again…even after funds received.

@marko In fact, you may get the same shielding address again even after funds received at a small chance. But that address is truly available to use, and you can use it normally.
Logically, we have a bucket of temporary addresses and we use it rotatably. When funds are transferred from a temporary address to a user wallet completely, it will be used for a new Shielding request.


Is it designed to swap out wallet addresses immediately after funds are received or is a user required to wait 1/2 hours for it to cycle? Thanks for the reply and help!

@marko This is correct: “It is designed to swap out wallet addresses immediately after funds are received” :slightly_smiling_face:


I have sent coins to btcoin wallet. On bitcoin explorer I can see the coins arrived to the shield address but my wallet show 0 balance. Any help or I should concider the coins lost and move on.

I think you shielded less than the minimum amount so it wasn’t processed. You can reach out to support by messaging them using private message. Make sure to include that TXID as well as a screenshot of your shield screen.


Thank you @marko I just did.

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Hi @Desp, we received your message. Will continue the conversation in that thread.

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Hi @Peter, Sure thing. Thank you!