ZEC trouble unshielding

i tried two different wallets t-type and z-type (Trust Wallet and Unstoppable) and they both say invalid ZEC address when I go to unshield.

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Hello @GoldFella,

There is a current network issue with sending ZEC assets. The dev team is aware and looking into a fix for this.


Hi @Jared,
Looks like I still can’t unshield ZEC. Can you provide an ETA for the fix?

Thank you!

I checked again this morning and I didn’t get the Invalid ZEC address, so I thought it was going to work. Yes, I should have waited for the “all clear” and yes, I should have sent less (thankfully it wasn’t too much)…

So as a warning to anyone else holding ZEC, it still does not appear to be working, even though that error is gone. Don’t unshield until the devs say it’s working.

Hello @yoo,

What is the status of your TX? Please send me more details via a support ticket.

Hi @Jared,
Is ZEC unshielding working now?

Hi @Jared,

My ZEC unshielding was timed out please see ref : #173923
Stating funds have been returned but can’t see them yet.
Please have a look at it

Thanks a lot