You've already set up this node

Hi I recently restored my incognito keychains on a new phone.

I want to start up my Node from scratch on the new keychain, so i “unstaked it” it told me to wait 21 days or something like that. That time has now passed and I still get this message:

How do I get my node back online?

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Unstaking it means you removed it from the public pool. In order for it to get back up and running, you will now have to satke it using 1,750 of your own PRV.

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Okay, kinda stupid design, but I guess that’s my own fault.


You can ask to support to restake your node if it is a pNode and you still want to borrow the 1750PRV and get only 35% of the reward.

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Well when moving to a new device, all your information is saved within your keys. By having the private keys save, you can simply import and no need to move your node around, note transaction history is not ported over since that is stored locally on each device.

If this is a vNode or a pNode you must wait until unstaking finishes to be able to restake it.


To be more specific. When you unplug your node, or remove the app completely (all keys saved of course), your node will still be registered as being a staked node. That information is stored in the chain.

All you had to do is:

  • install the app on your new phone
  • import your accounts
  • add your node by using the “Add existing node” option

Done! Everything back to the way it was before.
Nothing wrong with the design of that procedure.

Nodes should only be unstaked, when changing from funded stake to own stake. Or, in case you want to stop running a node.