Xmr.to compatibility

So from what I’ve seen I don’t think it’s compatible because every time I’ve tried I’ve been unsuccessful as the timer runs out and the wallet has a status of either pending because the address format was detected incorrectly or now I’m not even sure as I verified the address visually and it still expired with no detected deposit even though the app says successful? :thinking:

If the retry button is there in the app you can click that.

I’ll tag @Support and they should be able to help you look into this.

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unfortunately I’m not sure if that would work due to how xmrto functions on time based transactions which if you don’t deposit funds within a predetermined time the contract is expired. I hope the devs could help me resolve this issue.

Are you talking about sending a new transaction after the one that errored which we already talked about in private messages? Or is this the same one?

To make it work for now seems to require a copy paste for the address to the address field and a second copy paste for the additional information to the memo field.

At this moment XMR transaction are paused though.

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