XMR is available for trading from any token exclusive on Incognito.


The anonymity principle behind Monero has encountered considerable resistance from financial authorities around the world. As a result, it could be challenging for you to find a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that will sell you XMR.

Incognito provides a practical solution in the form of Inter Liquidity Pool.

Thanks to the inter liquidity pool, you are no longer restricted to just a few pre-existing currencies when trading XMR on Incognito, but may now trade XMR from any other cryptocurrency.

As a result, making it quite simple to buy or sell crypto anonymously.

You bought ETH and don’t want anyone to know?

Get XMR on Incognito and we’ll help you convert it to USDT via pDex, then trade it to ETH via Uniswap.

The explanation is a little lengthy, but it only takes one click.

Last but not least, because several liquidity pools are used at the same time, resulting in increased trading volume, slippage will be minimal and you will always get the best market rate.

Incognito will automatically select the one that can provide the best rate available to make it convenient.

The availability of XMR through this inter liquidity pool opens up a huge variety of possibilities.