Withdrawing from Liquidity ease of use

I had a vague error when I tried to withdraw some from liquidity. This error never went away after multiple attempts after multiple days. The solution was simple, take some PRV from my staking account and deposit it to the pdex to then facilitate the transaction. I have two points of contention here that, while I am not the smartest nor the dumbest person on this or any other platform, I was thrown off by this vague error chalking it up to recent updates etc. For ease of use, which is what companies live and die on, these are my two points when withdrawing liquidity and why.
Okay two points:

  1. The error message needs to say, “you need PRV deposited into pdex to make this work”. There have been so many updates and parts that don’t need depositing in and parts that still do it is frustrating and we will forget since we all have so much going on in our lives, not to mention to a new user.
  2. If there are no funds in the dex that were deposited there, since I put all of my PRV into either liquidity or staking I don’t leave any around to pay a withdrawal fee why would I, there needs to be a way to pull from another area directly from the withdrawal screen. Such as, “You have no PRV deposited into the pdex would you like to make a withdrawal from staking with the staking withdrawal fee, yes or no?”. That way everything is up front, if a user forgets an archaic step like swapping 0.00001 PRV to the pdex to facilitate a withdrawal they will have all of the reminders and everything will be super easy and smooth and just like that there will be a few less users who get frustrated who are new or who forget.

Thank you!


Great idea. Like a disclaimer saying you need “X” amount in pdex to withdraw liquidity to cover fees.

I ran into that issue too, error 61, balance not enough. Transferred a few PRV over and I was good to go.