Why does withdrawing rewards from pNode take longer than vNode?

Why does withdrawing rewards from pNode which is 24hrs take longer than vNode which is 5 mins?

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Withdrawals from pNodes are manually processed by a core Incognito team member. This is because the earnings are split 35%/65% between the operator and the funding pool.* A team member takes the rewards sitting in the reward receiving address, which you do not control, splits it, then sends 35% to your account associated with the node while sending the other 65% back to the funding pool.

*This does not apply to privately-staked Nodes. Those are processed just like a Node Virtual - i.e. mostly instantaneously.


@Mike_Wagner, Do you know if pNode that is not privately staked prioritized over privately staked vNodes. I see that my pNode gets into committees more often than my vNodes?

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@andrey, can’t the manual processing by Incognito team member be automated?

Committee selection is random and is not influenced by the type of Node nor the source of the stake.

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@Mike_Wagner is completely right.
@taruneldho The automation for pNode withdrawal will be available this month.


Hey, @taruneldho yep. It will be. As Peter mentioned we work on it.

@Peter i am waiting almost 3 weeks for pNode withdraw and nothing yet? What can i do for this ?

@klepidas7 I need your Node ID in a private message so I can check further.