Weekly Update Newsletter 04/07/2020

Hey everyone!

It’s that time again! It’s the weekly update for the first week of April.

First off, we’ve broken a milestone: Users have shielded over $1.54 million worth of crypto using the Incognito Wallet. Way to take back your privacy!

Now, a roundup of the past week at incognito.org:

Projects and proposals

Product updates

  • The Incognito blockchain is officially 80% smaller, which will reduce costs and increase life spans for nodes. Here’s how to update your nodes.
  • Incognito mode for dapps is almost here! pKyber is in testing.


  • The trustless bridge to BTC is scheduled to go live next week.
  • Thanks to the brand new NEO bridge, the first NEO deposits have been made.

Other newsworthy happenings

  • Our first AMA was great. Thanks to all those who participated, watch it here if you missed it, and keep an eye out for the next one.
  • The ‘Internet Privacy Guy’ RobBraxmanTech reviewed Incognito. Check it out here!

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Thanks for reading, and see ya next week!


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