Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 4.30.21

Hi everybody, it’s me, again. Let me update the team progress for the week of April 24 - 30.

  • One of the biggest things we’ve done last week is upgrading Ethereum bridge’s smart contracts for the fixes for the external audit’s feedback conducted by Coinspect firm.

  • Testing for Privacy v2 protocol was finished. This will be deployed onto Testnet in the first week of May. We’re still working aggressively on an upgrade for Incognito app in order to make it compatible with the new Privacy protocol.

  • There were some improvements being ready to be deployed onto Mainnet. The most prominent one is the new mempool which will help increase the throughput of the whole network (a.k.a number of transactions may be included in a block).

  • Last but not least, we’ll be also investing more intensively in supporting node owners with their node issues in May as slashing incoming in June (as planned).

Thanks for your support!