Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 11.26.22 to 12.9.22

Quick Take

  • New PRV utilities: We are suggesting two new token utilities regarding transaction fees and DAO voting power. Go to the topic for discussion.

  • AMA on Reddit: Incognito has hosted an AMA on r/CryptoCurrency/. See how it took place here.

  • More Community Space: We’ve opened Incognito Discord. Join us here.

Want to keep track of our privacy development? Follow us on Twitter and discuss us on the forum.

Technical Developments :construction_worker_man:


  • New PRV utilities: We are suggesting two new token utilities regarding transaction fees and DAO voting power. You can read more and share your thoughts here.

  • Optimization for mempool process: This optimizes the way to collect and validate transactions from the mempool to a block that would consequently improve Incognito’s network throughput. Also, this would be a prerequisite for further blocktime reductions (to 15s and 10s). The optimization is expected to be implemented in the next network release.

Privacy Product :male_detective:

  • Website: We’ve released a new Earning tab that shows the list of pools on Incognito exchange with attractive APR. Details here.

  • Swap function: The trading route algorithm has been improved to take swap fees into account for more reasonable route results. Also, the most desired feature, the MAX button, has been brought back to the mobile app.

  • Wallet Extension: A new version of the extension has been submitted to the Chrome Store. This will bring a much better coin scanning experience to users as they can close the browser at any time and continue scanning new coins from where it left off when reopening the browser.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Partnership: We are discussing with Piratechain and EPIC Cash how the partnership can bring advantages to our communities.

  • Social media channel: Besides the newly-opened Reddit, our team decided to open a Discord server for further discussions and reliable management of the community.

  • Listings: We are preparing the final steps to be listed on Near and Aurora sites. Moreover, we have been pushing to get listed on DEXScreener, TradeOrge, CoinGeckco, and CoinMarketCap, if you know any members inside these sites/communities, we would be appreciative if you can give us a hand.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around :wave:


Hi @maisie,

Your update forgot one thing…

Some good news, we’re in 4th position in the Presearch $100K Ad Grant leaderboard in the:

Censorship Resistant Currencies / Privacy Coins category

Thanks to all those who have voted so far.

We’re also listed in other categories but lower down the ranks:

Layer 1 Blockchain category:

and lastly, the very crowded
DeFi category

If you want to see the source article (dated 6th Dec) visit :point_down:


Thanks again for all who have voted thus far. If you haven’t yet, please do so as voting is open until 16th Dec (less that 1 week).


Anyone who holds 1,000 or more PRE, Presearch’s native token, will receive a 10x multiplier on their vote.


We (Presearch) need to clarify a project can’t win in multiple categories. In the event the same project has the most votes in multiple categories, the category the project wins will be based on the most total votes received.

Incognito still has a shot at winning this competition.

If this is the 1st time hearing about the Presearch , you’ll be glad to know they are a decentralised Search Engine (taking on Google) and they offer a Private Search experience (more private than Duck Duck Go and others). They are like Incognito in the sense they are focussed on Privacy.

If you want to learn more about the Ad Grant and how to vote etc. please read this post - https://news.presearch.io/presearch-advertising-grant-vote-5bef874423a7

Why not give Presearch a try for yourself at: https://presearch.com

@Jayce_Nguyen - as per our previous discussion, did you have any luck with getting more exposure and from the PreSearch Team?
Any Limited Edition pNode give-away to help boost awareness of our project and to garner more votes from the Presearch Community?


Hey everyone,

Now, the remaining Incognito supporters should apply some voting strategy :slight_smile: To me, the best strategy is this:

Censorship-resistant currencies/privacy coins: Incognito
Layer 1 blockchains: Ergo
DeFi: Hive
NFT: Constellation
Web3 Platforms: Hive
Stablecoins: Hive

So even if Incognito cannot be the winner of Privacy category, it may grab the reward acc. to this:


Thanks for putting together this voting strategy @abduraman.
For those that have not voted yet, please do so before 16th Dec.
If you can buy 1000 PRE (about $60 USD worth) you get a 10 X Vote multiplier.

The URL has the instructions on how to vote: