vNode - Beginner's Summary of Useful Commands

Hi all,

I wanted to post a couple of useful commands that have worked for me day-to-day to check my vNode is working properly.

Having SSH’d into your node, these are commands I run through and check outputs from the following:

  1. Check the directory size of your install: du -hs ./data/

  2. Check your stats (CPU, Mem Usage, running processes etc.) Note you will need to Ctrl-C to break out of this command: sudo docker stats

  3. Check your instances are running (inc_mainnet and eth_mainnet) and review when they were last created / status: sudo docker ps

  4. On completion of the checks to finally logout: logout

May I also reference you to this post, which contains even more information. Hope that helps all those new to Incognito vNode setup!