V node withdrawals not working

I’ve made multiple withdrawal requests for some of my nodes, sometimes for all of them, and sometimes just one at a time and they have not withdrawn to their accounts over the last few days. Here is the incognito address for one of these nodes: 12RuELvfKTNwWvjs8LpDcEx9C9kmX31JPAeY4GWDJZQ1vQriNF5yiZHd79Y3HfxcHhXxu5pLynie67ncS5E1tPhwJ4pZfSwSMWMXbrV

Also, I recently tried to remove some from a provider pool and while it has only been 24 hours and it can sometimes take 72 hours (not sure why), it nervous because I can’t see the provider history tab.

Here is the address for the the address with the provider history issue: 12S5ujohWwmdcYDJmqSzBBDmnsQmF34CKjU9xMHLV3sPo83xCErg9WZyBKtd9n1WpJVVsb616DJdzewKMcML5UCPToXyZ1A91eNVmGS

Can someone help with this or see this behavior before?


It’s a bug in the new app version, try withdrawing from nodes directly or using the withdraw all button, it worked for me after a few tries, at least until the fix is out.