Tokens on different native chains (e.g. DAI)

Hi there,
if I shield a token lets say DAI into the incognito eco sys. Stake (i.e. provide) it, trade it, hold it, swap it and so on, then I shield some more but this time DAI residing on a different chain, instead eth based DAI I shield DAI on polygon or BSC … are the pDAI fungable? Or are these pDAI(onETH), pDAI(onBSC) and pDAI(onPoly)?? The positions in the wallet and pools suggest so, but in the provide section there is only DAI, which one is it?? on ETH? … which one should I get in the outside world to bring in to provide?
And why are these infomation not transparent and available, I don’t want to guess and go through trail and error …


Currently, each pDAI would be on their own network. The dev team is working on Unified pCoins which would make all pDAI work with any network. Please read over this:

You can see a preview of how this will look in the app: