Tired of transferring your rewards from multiple validators' accounts to a single account?

If yes :slight_smile: , here is the solution.

The procedure below cannot be applied to the existing staked accounts. Owners of those accounts should unstake them first. Others mustn’t apply Step 6 of How to host a Virtual Node. The staking will be performed via the procedure below, not the wallet apps. So please do not use the wallet apps for staking.

  1. Install python3 into your VPS if not installed.

  2. Clone git repository of my Python API by running git clone https://github.com/abduramann/incognitosdk-python command.

  3. Run cd incognitosdk-python command.

  4. Run pip3 install . command.

  5. Run cd tester command.

  6. Run python3 ApiTester.py command.

  7. Run stake Validator_Account_Private_Key Validator_Account_Address Validator_Account_Validator_Key Reward_Receiver_Address command in the opened application. Note that when the user presses Stake button, Incognito wallet apps set Validator_Account_Address and Reward_Receiver_Address to the same address (i.e. validator account’s address). Here, we change this. This is the difference.

That’s all. Enjoy it.


To write this, I’ve waited to confirm the whole process. Yes, the existing stakers can follow the first post without any loss after unstaking. Here is the summary:

1- Start unstaking your node via the app.
2- Wait for unstaking up to 21 days.
3- Once your node is selected to a committee, your node will earn last time, and then your node will be unstaked.
4- After unstaking is completed (~5 minutes), you do NOT need to touch your validator software. Leave it as running.
5- Apply the steps in the first post.

That’s all.

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