The 5 Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets

The five best anonymous Bitcoin wallets make privacy a top priority in ways that even privacy coins themselves don’t. Remember, being part of the Incognito community and promoting its virtues is all about getting users to understand that part of being your own bank means being able to keep all of your financial history private. These five wallets will help you do that:

  • Incognito
  • Bitlox
  • Electrum
  • Wasabi
  • Samourai

Incognito: The Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Incognito is not just an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, it’s a robust community. The project recognizes the value of solid custodianship and allowing users to exchange crypto funds privately.

Incognito is insured by collateral, offers instant processing times and maintains low fees all within a private and trustless ecosystem. A bond smart contract is the glue that holds together the Incognito app, custodians and different cryptocurrency blockchains. Over collateralization ensures custodians don’t misbehave, so users don’t need to worry about moving their liquidity around anonymously.

This is a totally unique approach to maintaining an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that can facilitate not only Bitcoin transactions, but transactions involving all kinds of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Bitlox is Up and Coming

While Bitlox isn’t as popular, it’s a great privacy focused Bitcoin wallet that lives online and also offers a hardware solution. Bitlox offers compatibility with the Tor browser so that you can transact at your own convenience and with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing so privately. Three different designs of the Bitlox wallet allow you to enhance your anonymity through a variety of options.

Electrum Makes Both Access and Privacy Easy

Electrum uses server redundancy to protect your information and allows you to login with one password. It also gives you the option to take advantage of cold storage. Electrum is available for Windows, OSX, Linux and Android devices. It provides easy access and privacy without the fuss.

Wasabi Uses Coin Mixing to Anonymize Your Crypto Holdings

Wasabi’s approach to providing users with an anonymous Bitcoin wallet is to use a concept called ‘coinjoining’. Inputs from several different coins are combined together along with the outputs, which all occurs in the background of the app. The end result is that nobody can trace your transactions and you don’t have to trust a third-party. This means the risk of getting your crypto holdings hacked or stolen is eliminated. The downside of Wasabi is that it only works with native SegWit Bitcoin addresses.

Samourai: An Anonymous Wallet Full of Features

Samourai’s anonymous Bitcoin wallet supports Segregated Witness, meaning you can use the wallet and keep transaction fees low. The app also scrambles the login screen so that you’re never susceptible to screen recording from a hacker. It also protects you from deanonymization attacks and metadata surveillance tools. The drawback of Samourai is that you can’t buy cryptocurrency inside the wallet and there is no trading allowed within the app.

Incognito is the Way to Go

Download the Incognito app on your iOS or Android device for free today and join a robust community of individuals committed to continued innovation in creating a truly privacy-focused experience.


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Newbie here, so please forgive my stupidity :pray: Now, I agree that Incognito is the best SOFT wallet, but I’d also like a HARD wallet. How do I buy one anonymously?