Tax reporting feature

I heard on the PRV is holders call that Community is planning to build the tax reporting feature. I’m creating this post to track the same.

I’m all in for this feature. Please let me know if any help is needed. is a great website for tax calculation and they support CSV upload if we can generate a compatible CSV. It’s a win.


I applaud this feature. Anything that increases the usability of Incognito will increase adoption. I myself almost un-staked and cashed out my PRV due to the complexities of calculating taxes.

@Up2UrHeadlights, I too have delayed putting money into Incognito until Jan 1, 2021 so that I have 1+ years to get this figured out :wink: I suspect that some have more immediate needs for this to complete their 2020 taxes! I too am willing to help make this happen, but I think there are others that have already been working on something and just haven’t had time to comment here?

FYI for those that couldn’t make it to the community call today, this topic came up and @andrey indicated that there is no plan by the core team to implement this, and that the community should feel free to build this feature as they see best fit. (Correct me if I am wrong in my wording of this @andrey).

@brico84 and @Thriftinkid, I wanted to link you in here because you mentioned your interest in this in the past I believe.

Has anyone started this? Is there a good starting point for those that want to help develop this should contribute to?

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The Earnings Tracker currently contains a “TAXES” tab. It pulls historical pricing data from any entries you added to the “DEPOSITS_WITHDRAWLS” for your node earnings. It will split your earnings into what you owe taxes on this year, and what you will owe taxes on in capital gains when you sell.

However, this is just for node earnings. It does not take into account any PRV you purchased and have been sitting on (I’m working on this.) It also doesn’t take into account any interest you have accumulated in provide. However, you can see how much interest you’ve earned if you add that data as well. There is no RPC to export data from the app. So, unfortunately, you will have to enter your data manually.

The tracker also doesn’t account for any PRV you have sold already.

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