Sync too fast?

Hello @Support,

2022-03-15 12:25:27.047 connmanager.go:520 [ERR] Peerv2 log: [stream] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Sync too fast, last time sync blocks of CID 255 from height 1864099 is 2022-03-15 12:25:21.453466293 +0000 UTC
2022-03-15 12:25:27.047 connmanager.go:428 [INF] Peerv2 log: [SyncBeacon] from 1864099 to 1864157
2022-03-15 12:25:27.048 connmanager.go:500 [INF] Peerv2 log: [stream] Request Block type BlkBc from peer  from cID 255, [1864099 1864157]
2022-03-15 12:25:27.048 blockrequester.go:251 [INF] Peerv2 log: [stream] Requesting stream block type BlkBc, spec false, height [1864099..1864157] len 2, from 255 to 255, uuid = df6e1380-8766-4be8-acfb-2acb8fe012de

My validators have started to stall in beacon with “sync too fast” error. To resolve the problem, I copy all beacon data from another validator’s one. However, this is time-consuming. Why does this error raise and how can I solve it easily?

Does rebooting the node solve the problem? There is some reports that beacon stall and reboot will resolve the issue. We are thinking of the root cause from high RAM consumption.
Can you give us the log file when this start to happen?

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Unfortunately, no.

Ok but how? An e-mail address or something else?

Google drive and share the files?

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Did you resolve this issue? I am getting the exact same error on my vnodes. It happens randomly on one or more vnodes after syncing the beacon and duplicate shards using @J053’s Duplicated-files-cleaner-Incognito.

I am suspecting slow disk read/writes (iostat reports just 5 mb/s reads and 11mb/s writes). I’ll likely migrate to another VPS with much faster disk access and check the results.

Sounds like you’re on Contabo? They are notorious for throttling users disk I/O.