Stay Connected: Join Our New Telegram Channel!

Hello Everyone :wave:

As you may know, the Incognito chain is sunsetting. Over the years, our community has grown vibrant and closely connected. To preserve this incredible atmosphere and keep our conversations alive, I’m inviting you to join our new Telegram channel.

Why move? Our current channels might soon be inactive, and we want to ensure that no one misses out—especially not those we’ve already begun chatting with. Whether sharing updates, support, or just a good laugh, it’s you who makes our community special.

Join us here:

There’s no promise that Incognito will restart, but if it does, it will spring from this new chat. This is our rallying point for whatever the future holds!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and camaraderie throughout this journey. Let’s keep our spirit alive and well in our new home.

As a secondary communication channel a Discord server has been made:

Warm regards,
Community Manager


Are there any other options other than telegram?

I can work on making a Discord server, however, it seemed like the majority of our users were on TG.

What other platforms do you think would work?

We could use Session also! I’ll post it below. It has the ability to make a community or group

It’s more secure than telegram

There are also other apps shown on

Discord would be great. It’s because TG doesn’t really work for me.

It’s very bare and empty at the moment but here it is:

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Can’t seem to join the telegram channel. The button doesn’t work?

It’s still working for me. Try copying the URL into a new browser window. You can also DM me your TG username and I can add you manually.