Staking PRV for a Virtual Node VS Node

How come I need 1750 prv for a virtual node and only $400 usd to get a tangible product? Must I stake 1750 PRV with a node at home? I need to generate more passive income with relatively little to start with.
How much have people reported making monthly? I cant seem to find much information on that topic.

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This has been covered extensively in the forum. Take a look around.

In a nutshell -

vNode has to be fully staked to work.

pNone will provide a limited percentage return unless you take the additional 1750 - if you do you will get 100% of its earnings

My advise - if you’re in this long term, buy a pNone and stake fully. If you’re in it for profit only, don’t bother with either and just buy PRV and put it in the pool to get a 57% APY return.

Hopefully you believe in the project and become a full ‘member’ :slight_smile:


The Incognito project is a privacy movement. We strongly feel privacy is a must when trading, transferring, storing cryptocurrency. We are looking for motivated people who feel the same way, who are willing to help us build a fast and stable network to provide privacy to everyone.

Unfortunately this is a long term project, not suitable for “how to get rich without effort in 20 days” scenarios.

In short, if you value privacy, welcome onboard. If you are just looking for a quick win, you will have to search for another project.

I am pasting the first version of the post to prevent people from thinking I’m coming on too strong.



@JDTrades, you can start small by staking at staking providers like that pay out 50% APR grow PRV slowly and when you have 1750, start running a vNode.

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I believe in privacy and with so many unaware of the way the world is headed; They will need that privacy. I want to support it via nodes and staking to of course benefit in not the short term but in the long term. Faster is better of course but it is a marathon not a sprint.