Staking a pNode with your own PRV instead of funded PRV

There had been a discussion to manually stake a pnode or “top off” the remainder of the loan. Any status update on that?

Hi JG20, the option to stake the pNode on your own will be released next month. We will keep you posted :).

Just to make the current process a little clearer:

There is no loan, as in, you pay back what you have been provided with.
The pNode uses funded stake. Earnings are split between the Node owner and the fund for the duration this funded stake is used. You pay for using the fund’s stake, you are not paying back.

Once the feature to use your own PRV to stake your pNodes is available, the funded stake will be removed completely (if you choose to do so). After that, there is room for you to stake your pNode with your own PRV.


Is there no owner equity being built during this time?

I believe on Telegram there was a discussion a while back and it was said the earnings were a 25%/75% split, with the owner earning 25% until Incognito hit 1,750 PRV with their 75% share. Is that true?


  1. Are owners earning 25% permanently until they’ve staked the full 1,750 PRV on their own, which currently they can’t do?
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Owners are earning 25% until they are able (feature and wealth) to stake their pNode on their own.

Ok, I guess I’ve misunderstood the telegram discussions up to this point. For pnodes bought in the first and second run, it would have been wiser to run vnodes since the price of PRV was lower AND servers required less resources so that cost was lower. If the owner has to buy the hardware, and then purchase the 1,750, the break-even on that is very long. Would have been better to purchase PRV early on, sit on it until pnodes could be staked, then purchase the pnodes and start earning the full amount immediately, so the break-even would have been much shorter. Essentially we’ve been paying for server resources, electricity, etc. for Incognito to earn a 75% return on investment. You guys are more business savvy than I realized…kudos. :smile:


Just want to share with you this feature is now available. Now you can stake with your own PRV :).


Thank you! :+1:t2:

Hi there, just curious how do you exactly funded your own stake using your own PRV node ?

How do you stake your own PRV using the Node device ?

Hi JayC, this is the instruction: How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode

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Thank you for this informative instructions

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