Specifying Private Node for multi users?

If I host my own full node virtually on a VPS, is it possible to have other users specify my particular node for verificiations of their transactions within the Incognito chain? I do not see any options for that currently in the Incognito android app.

Assume it is possible for other users to configure/specify my hosted full node, will more privacy be obtained for such users rather than using Incognito networks own nodes randomly? I am asking this because Incognito uses zkp’s, zero-knowledge proofs, to shield/privatize IP-addresses etc. associated with user’s participating in transacting on the incognito network – does that imply and hence mean that little or no privacy is gained in case users connect to my full mode assuming I am not a bad actor?

There is only an option to switch to one of the other fullnodes listed in the Settings section.

This is not something you should do just for fun. There is a chance you will have to import all your accounts after switching back, to be able to have access to your funds again.

Assuming I am not a bad actor, is kind of key here. Using fullnodes other than the Incognito one comes with a risk.

You’re not answering my question.


Welcome to the community @Calon…I am not sure about the answer to your question but for now…create a DM to @Support and it may take a minute there for them to respond but someone from the dev team will reach out to you and hopefully answer your question… :sunglasses:


Maybe not. Doesn’t hurt to warn people about the risks.


I very much agree with the sentiment stated here and above ^

This can very much be a major concern, i’m glad you mentioned it.

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