(Solved) vNode Help

So my Vnode went offline a bit back, and so I went in with the new monitor to figure out what happened… well seems that its been having issues for longer then its been offline. I restarted it and got it going again but I am assuming its still not right… any recommendations?


Hello @ArcherBullseye,

According to your screenshot, this vNode is online and syncing with the network as it should be.

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Thanks for the help. Why is not syncing the rest of the shards? Do other nodes handle those?

Shard syncing only matters when you are selected for that shard. Around October 4th nodes will only sync one shard going forward and that shard only. Watch for am email and/or a forum post explaining what to do around that time period. For right now and for slashing this node is working as it is supposed to.

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Shard 1 sync is still a bit behind, but it looks like you have at least a week to complete the sync. (50 epochs * 4h = 200h)

Thanks again all. I got 98 and 99% voting. Is there anything I can do to get 100%?

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Anything above 50 is fine.

As far as I’m aware vote depends on how fast your node processes blocks when it is in committee. This can depend on your setup (internet download speed, cpu processing speed, internet latency, harddrive write speed, etc).

Overall 98 and 99 are very good, I wouldn’t worry about hitting 100 every time.

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If you aint hitting 100, are you even tryin?? :grin:

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