(Solved) Stuck trying to host VNode!

Hey! Essentially I’m trying to run 2 vnodes on a digital ocean droplet but following this tutorial, How to setup your own node in a blink of an eye (Now support multi-nodes per host), I receive this error (edited to remove keys)
The nodes were running a while ago, then slashed, restaked but never brought back to life so the PRV is effectively frozen till I can fix this

systemd[1]: Started IncognitoChain Node updater.
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Getting Incognito docker tags
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Latest tag is 20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Found newer tag , run it!
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Pulling new tag: 20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 20220117_1: Pulling from incognitochain/incognito-mainnet
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 001ecc9468da: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f2b966749869: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: abe474042557: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: e1bf2fb0fbbc: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6e1134c4abe8: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d4b1a7ff189d: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 64477607777a: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: ebcf0f317f93: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: c533ab8a6c21: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 2efb0713a132: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 298484198efd: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: bcb6521a446c: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: a00d43874a23: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f13e37bbe7be: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 4af75e11b9bc: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 07e2a0af1d88: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f372a38ff462: Pulling fs layer
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d4b1a7ff189d: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 64477607777a: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: e1bf2fb0fbbc: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 298484198efd: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: ebcf0f317f93: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: c533ab8a6c21: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6e1134c4abe8: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: bcb6521a446c: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: a00d43874a23: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 2efb0713a132: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 07e2a0af1d88: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f13e37bbe7be: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 4af75e11b9bc: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f372a38ff462: Waiting
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: abe474042557: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: abe474042557: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f2b966749869: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f2b966749869: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: e1bf2fb0fbbc: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: e1bf2fb0fbbc: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d4b1a7ff189d: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d4b1a7ff189d: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6e1134c4abe8: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6e1134c4abe8: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 001ecc9468da: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 001ecc9468da: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: ebcf0f317f93: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: ebcf0f317f93: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 64477607777a: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 64477607777a: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 2efb0713a132: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 2efb0713a132: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: c533ab8a6c21: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: c533ab8a6c21: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: a00d43874a23: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: a00d43874a23: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: bcb6521a446c: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: bcb6521a446c: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f13e37bbe7be: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f13e37bbe7be: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 4af75e11b9bc: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 07e2a0af1d88: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 07e2a0af1d88: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f372a38ff462: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f372a38ff462: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 001ecc9468da: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f2b966749869: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: abe474042557: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: e1bf2fb0fbbc: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6e1134c4abe8: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d4b1a7ff189d: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 64477607777a: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: ebcf0f317f93: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: c533ab8a6c21: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 2efb0713a132: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 298484198efd: Verifying Checksum
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 298484198efd: Download complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 298484198efd: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: bcb6521a446c: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: a00d43874a23: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f13e37bbe7be: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 4af75e11b9bc: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 07e2a0af1d88: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: f372a38ff462: Pull complete
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Digest: sha256:e12b9f6a077885b9290eeb5be0ba3afa18e1b3bc4befa73cc3dc61b6188c7f6a
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Status: Downloaded newer image for incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: docker.io/incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Create new docker network
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: d5f6310accac126043f03b1cce0bd9fb6e8d4c7763b91f5355a78137f9b98235
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Remove old container
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Error response from daemon: No such container: inc_mainnet_0
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Error: No such container: inc_mainnet_0
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Start the incognito mainnet docker container
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: + docker run --restart=always --net inc_net -p 9433:9433 -p 8334:8334 -e NODE_PORT=9433 -e RPC_PORT=8334 -e BOOTNODE_IP=mainnet-bootnode.incognito.org:9330 -e GETH_NAME=##INFURA## -e GETH_PROTOCOL= -e GETH_PORT= -e FULLNODE= -e 'MININGKEY=]##KEY##' -e TESTNET=false -e LIMIT_FEE=1 -e INDEXER_ACCESS_TOKEN=edeaaff3f1774ad2888673770c6d64097e391bc362d7d6fb34982ddf0efd18cb -e NUM_INDEXER_WORKERS=100 -v /home/incognito/node_data_0:/data -d --name inc_mainnet_0 incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 3fb0ef674aac009a9778f5f6c2e8a3c5bf3d547d29436d0e7fadcbbc0d2f9fdc
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: + set +x
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Remove old container
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Error response from daemon: No such container: inc_mainnet_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Error: No such container: inc_mainnet_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: Start the incognito mainnet docker container
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: + docker run --restart=always --net inc_net -p 9434:9434 -p 8335:8335 -e NODE_PORT=9434 -e RPC_PORT=8335 -e BOOTNODE_IP=mainnet-bootnode.incognito.org:9330 -e GETH_NAME=##INFURA## -e GETH_PROTOCOL= -e GETH_PORT= -e FULLNODE= -e MININGKEY=##KEY## -e TESTNET=false -e LIMIT_FEE=1 -e INDEXER_ACCESS_TOKEN=edeaaff3f1774ad2888673770c6d64097e391bc362d7d6fb34982ddf0efd18cb -e NUM_INDEXER_WORKERS=100 -v /home/incognito/node_data_1:/data -d --name inc_mainnet_1 incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: 6f95c1d8256815761ef51c32c7de8dfa724e501f48a254fbade139482fdbf4da
IncNodeUpdt[18699]: + set +x
systemd[1]: IncognitoUpdater.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=1
systemd[1]: IncognitoUpdater.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Things I’ve tried include: Preinstalling docker to allow for dependencies to install (they seemingly didn’t if only using the script), running a fresh install off of a user rather than root (trying to see if docker being installed by root restricted its use to only root)

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Those errors are normal. Can you show the output of “docker ps” please?
Also, did you check your node status via https://monitor.incognito.org/node-monitor? What’s the status

Thanks Rocky, wasn’t aware!
Have just been running off the app which only says ‘import’ rather than offline/online

docker ps returns
6f95c1d82568 incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1 “/bin/bash run_incog…” 2 hours ago Up 2 hours>8335/tcp, :::8335->8335/tcp,>9434/tcp, :::9434->9434/tcp inc_mainnet_1
3fb0ef674aac incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20220117_1 “/bin/bash run_incog…” 2 hours ago Up 3 seconds>8334/tcp, :::8334->8334/tcp,>9433/tcp, :::9433->9433/tcp inc_mainnet_0

and monitor.incognito.org says one is online and one is offline, is this an issue with the app / how would I get the offline node up?

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update: followed troubleshooting guide and now have both online, thanks for your time!
feel free to delete/lock thread

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Pro tip - go with Contabo much cheaper VPS fees.