[Solved] Node monitor is down

@0xkumi Getting ‘502 Bad Gateway’ since this morning on node monitor, mainly on https://monitor.incognito.org/pubkeystat/stat and https://monitor.incognito.org/validator/redlist?page=1.

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Same thing happens in the App:

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Same here, node monitor shows blank screen on both web and app version

12h in and this is still down. @duc I appreciate that people need time off and development isn’t happening on the weekends, but better monitoring/paging is required for core tools and infra, otherwise node operators won’t take any of this seriously.

Is there a plan to add any SREs to the dev team this year?

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The page is up.
Sorry for this inconvenience, we got a server problem.


Hi @adrian, we got some devops guys in the team already. Will add alerting for the node monitor first and then publicize a status page for core tools afterward. Actually, we’ve had a monitoring page for the whole core infra already but only shared internally. Normally we would look into it quickly, unfortunately, it’s a public holiday, and people traveled around which led to the slow responsiveness. Sorry again for the incident.