[Solved] No inc_mainnet on my virtual node?

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good time! :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding my Vnode. When I run docker ps there is no inc_mainnet showing up anymore.

I went to remove the data (rm -rfv data) and restarted the node but without any change. Also seeing some error messages with incognito mainnet.

I’m running out of ideas. You guys got any?


Welcome back to the community @Fabian…send a ticket to @Support and a mod will contact you back about your issue… :sunglasses:

Thanks buddy, done :slight_smile:

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Basically, the run.sh file try to run a new container with the same name inc_mainnet. But the old one existed.
We need to sudo docker rm inc_mainnet to delete the old one.
then sudo bash run.sh again.

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Thank you Khanhj for remotely solving my node issue. Problem is now solved!

Command: “service docker restart” was needed to solve the missing inc_mainnet

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