(Solved) Latest 4X update, lost my coins

I tested the wallet with $50 btc to get pBTC.
I completed the major 4.? app update and while I now have a master key and 12 seed words I no longer have my pBTC. no warnings bout this so good thing I only tested with 50 to get my education.

I posted this as feedback the the team. I’m not a newbie to the crypto field and my assessment is that this wallet is not very user friendly to new users. It is not intuitive.

I found your documentation to be the same. It caters to the developer crowd not the enduser. For example, it describes in detail the smart contract. But not what the enduser sees. I had to get into the user forums to ask for information I wanted.

Feel free to disregard. This is just my opinion. In retrospect I can understand why the update caused me to lose my coins but I’m disappointed no one else seemed to see this coming (anticipated the impact) and placed a warning before proceeding with the update. I was not even sure I could get in if I did not do the update. Is my complaint valid?

When you’re in the Assets section of the app. Please make sure you are under the correct keychain. There is a drop down in the top right corner. Makes sure you have selected the keychain that contains your pBTC.


I don’t think your pBTC is lost. Like @cusdt.eth says, you are now probably in your new Masterkey’s keychain. In asset > top right corner > under masterless you should find your previous keychain. Let us know if it is all ok. Reminder : your new seed phrase can not back up your old masterless keychain. You need to store your private key for each one or transfer all your funds to a new keychain with a master key.


you were right. newbie mistake. thank you.
it was under the pDEX keychain.
Silly me.

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Very good point, thank you.

I will do that.

If I were you I would not use this keychain for keeping my funds.

Thanks, point taken, I already transferred out.

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