(Solved) Is this a scam?

Serious question.

I have deposited BNB into the wallet as that’s what I had and only sent $50 to try it out and make sure it was legit.

However, now I am stuck. my $50 of BNB is stuck in the app and I can’t trade it, swap it or send it anywhere as I need PRV but can’t seem to get any without adding in additional funds i.e. USDT. I- Not sure why this wasn’t explained during sign-up. given I cant take my funds out, I hardly want to add any more in…

can anyone from @Support please help?

No it’s not a scam.

PRV powers the entire pdex since it’s the token native to the whole ecosystem.

You can get PRV for free using the faucet function in the app. Click on the button “More” (looks like three horizontal lines). Click on faucet. It’ll deposit enough PRV in your wallet for you to make a transaction.

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I have tried that but it comes up with “Faucet error. please try again”

Did you complete the captcha?

yes, managed to get it to work but this app is terrible and a scam. I have reported to Apple as a fraud as there is no warning that I had to use PRV to make any transactions or that there needed to be liquidity for the coin I deposited in order to trade it. lost my $50.

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There was just a major update to the exchange and the app. Liquidity for coins is slowly being added - BNB should be added soon (I believe).

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I think probably you said “There is no warning that I had to use BTC/ETH/MATIC/BNB to make any transactions” once you entered the crypto world. Please report all the crypto wallets to Apple as fraud, please do this :joy:


Now I have not been a new user with the new app, so I’m not sure if it looks different the first time you start it. But my question is, is there clear indication that PRV is needed for all transactions somewhere?

This might seem obvious to us here and easy to understand for anyone coming from the Ethereum space. But if you’re coming from the CEX world of crypto, where all fees are deducted from the trading capital and no weird additional tokens are needed, then you’re probably in the same situation as @tntipper. Left wondering what the f is going on. :smirk:

Alternatively, show clear information and shuffle the user to the faucet if no PRV is in the account.

I’m sorry but we don’t need to have a knee jerk reaction to this.

Literally no one else has had this problem for the 2 years using the app. PRV is offered for free to make an initial transaction. And to think you don’t need to use the native token to the ecosystem for a transaction fee is akin to saying that I want to buy USDT, I didn’t know I needed ETH or I bought something on pancake swap I didn’t know I needed BNB. Omg total scam.

Plus it’s on the website.


It’s not the first time I have seen the question. Although the first time I’ve seen someone throw themself on the scam button. =)

It’s always good to strive for making things intuitive and clear. If you can avoid a support question, everyone wins. Especially if one of the goals are to expand the user base.