[SOLVED] DAI still pending

Maybe I’m not informed enough, but I sent some DAI as a test to my wallet. It’s still showing as pending but from the origin wallet it’s showing as completed. Is this an issue where the nodes all need to be pinged?

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I’v you need faster, from origin withdraw to wallet , from wallet to Incognito


for eth or erc20.

shield meaning deposit from ethereum mainnet into incognito. it will come into your incognito wallet after around 100 confirmation on eth mainnet.

Unshield meaning withdraw from incognito into outside network, eg eth mainnet. It will come into your eth mainnet wallet depend on you set tx fee. Normally if you set default tx fee. It will spend long time to come. Suggest to set tx fee higher, such as 0.1 PRV. it will be more faster to come into your eth wallet.

Send/receive is for transaction within incognito network only. It will spend time around 5 to 10 minute. Even using small tx fee or default fee is ok.


I guess here’s what I mean, am I missing something here it’s been at pending (2) for several hours

Hi @Absolute_Unit it will come after about 100 confirmation on etherscan. Or above pending (5) on incognito app.


Hey @Absolute_Unit, can you please refresh your wallet and let us know if your DAI has reached your account yet?


Yes it just did earlier and I was able to transfer it over to PRV. I just thought it was strange that it showed as completed in my sending wallet but it was stuck at pending (2) for about 10-12 hrs. Thanks for calming my nerves Btw!


Haha you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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