[Solved] Can anyone help me on how to get PRV

I tried to exchange USDT to PRV by following the steps at the “Trade” tab, here’s what it says.
Top up Enough PRV to cover fees

Also see attached image as explained.


Use the faucet to get a small amount of PRV to cover your transaction.

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How do I earn small amount of PRV? By pasting my PRV and click on get PRV.
Here’s the results.
Let me know if this is enough to earn PRV

Yes, this is the correct way to get enough PRV to trade your USDT into PRV.

Wait about 5 minutes for the amount to be deposited into your account.

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I tried twice, and here’s what it shows… 0 amount deposited

Please click the option to disable showing small amounts (decimal digits) then try to check your account again and see if you can see PRV.

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Thank you so much. It works.
1 more question
Do you think the amount of times I used the Faucet.incognito.org will help boost the PRV to earn more or just the twice I already did is enough?

Trading fees on the app are very small. I am not sure how much the faucet is currently sending but once should last for a few trades.

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Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate


THANK YOU! I’m a new Incognito user myself. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent human being, but I have been struggling with this for days. I read through probably 10+ Community articles before I tried this one. It’s really frustrating that you can’t simply buy PRV with BTC, and that the faucet instructions are not listed in the app. I think a lot of people would be spared the confusion and frustration if the fee for purchasing PRV could simply be automatically deducted from your purchase.

Hello @agoristgiant and welcome to the Incognito community.

New app users are supposed to automatically receive a small amount of PRV. Perhaps this needs to be worked on. I will tag @support here so they can take a look into making this more streamlined.

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I agree with you but this is the same situation in Ethereum/Polygon/BSC. For example, you cannot buy ETH with WBTC in Uniswap or similar DEXes since you need ETH for “network” (not trading) fee. Since people can buy ETH easily on some other platforms, they do not notice the problem or they solve it easily. Once PRV is available on some CEXes, this problem will be solved.

Addition 1 minute later: You are damn right :slight_smile: I have grasped that this problem should be solved inside Incognito. Since Ethereum is not a privacy-first network, this is not a problem for it. However, Incognito mustn’t oblige its users to do so since buying some PRV from public chains or CEXes breaks anonymity.


Thank you. Glad to be here. Thanks for tagging support. Even a simple note to go to the faucet link would be an improvement for user friendliness.


Welcome to the Incognito community @agoristgiant,

We see the problem, it’s confusing to require having PRV to be able to buy PRV. For more details, the required PRV is for network fee (that is used for creating transaction) and trading fee. In the new pDEX, you will be able to pay the trading fee right on the selling token, so the only thing that requires PRV is network fee.

That’s why we supported the faucet site to help new users onboard easier, and yes, it’s far better if a new user doesn’t need to look around or ask on the forum but can figure out how to get PRV from the faucet when needed himself. An update to bring the faucet into the app, as well as a friendlier message (like you suggested), will be released in a few days.

Once the update goes live, we will update the post to get it up-to-date as well.

Thank you!


Awesome! Sounds like you’re on top of it. Other than that little hiccup, great first impressions so far in both the app and community.


This is one of the BIGGEST issues with the app. This information should be on the app’s page BEFORE downloading and on the YOUTUBE account, everywhere! If one can’t simply exchange BTC for PRV then this faucet info needs to be SHARED everywhere because most new users do NOT receive any PRV for whatever reason when first depositing (which would be a good incentive for using the app btw). All of this looks very suspicious / super sloppy developing software. Needs to be address ASAP in my opinion!

After reading the end of thread I see the PRV issue has been brought up and passed on to the developers/support, so good to hear. Will be awaiting these MUST needed updates. Thx

@agoristgiant @abduraman @xyz123

Just wanted to personally let you guys know that the faucet was just released on the home screen of the app! Incognito devs work extremely fast! :partying_face:

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