How to buy PRV in 3 steps

Own PRV in just a few minutes

1. Download the Incognito Wallet

The easiest way to get PRV is to buy some in the Incognito Wallet.

  • No minimums
  • No KYC
  • Completely anonymous
  • Completely confidential

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2. Shield your public coins

You can buy PRV with popular cryptocurrencies like XMR, USDT, BTC, FTM, MATIC, NEAR, ETH, etc. – but you need to shield them first to make them compatible with Incognito. Shielding is a special process that turns any public coin into tradable privacy coins (pCoin).

Once loaded into the wallet click on the Wallet button located in the bottom menu bar.

Next, tap on the blue Shield a coin button located in the middle of the screen.

On this screen search for the coin and select it as the cryptocurrency you want to shield (You can shield any cryptocurrency). For this example, we will use Bitcoin (BTC).

You can either copy the address and paste it into the wallet containing your BTC , or scan the QR Code.

:warning: Pay special attention to the instructions listed on this screen. Some coins will have a minimum (as shown in the image), some will have a fee to shield (due to smart contract interaction). Make sure you’ve read the instructions carefully prior to shielding your coins.

That’s all there is to it. Now just wait for the public chain (BTC in this case) to process and verify the transaction and then the Incognito chain to process your transaction. Please be patient as each coin takes a different amount of time to shield.

After your coins have successfully shielded, continue on to step 3.

3. Buy PRV

Now that you have privacy coins, you can trade them for PRV directly in the Incognito Wallet.

Tap the ‘Trade’ button from the main menu.

In the top section, we will select BTC, and enter the amount you want to trade (remember to leave enough for the transaction fee). In the bottom, select PRV.

When you enter the amount of BTC you want to trade, the amount of PRV you will receive is automatically calculated based on liquidity.

Advanced Trade Settings -

To change the slippage tolerance, exchange, or how the trading fee is covered then click the down arrow :arrow_down_small: on the right hand of the screen. If you are satisfied with the terms of the trade then click the blue button.

Wait for the transaction to process, then go about business as usual. In a few minutes, your PRV will show up in your account!

Congrats! You’re now officially a PRV holder.


Thank andrey for your information, I’m a new holder, and want to buy 1750 PRV to become Validators too


@Taylor Welcome to Incognito family. You can earn with your 1750 Prv to 28% profit per month so enjoy Incognito :heart:

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You’re wrong, 28% profit per year, we cannot earn that much :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the community, you can own a pnode or run vnode at home by urself too

Anyone can help me how to set up vnode ? I have bought one pnode but don’t know how to handle it

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Hi @Jorda You can read this article as your reference

This doesn’t work with Litecion, despite Incognito claiming that it supports over 90 popular coins.

Incognito accepted my Litecion transaction and shielded my Litecions, but still Litecion is not in the list of coins to chose from in the “TRADE” section of the app.

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Not sure why u had that problem but LTC is very much listed on pDex. No?


Hey @cyberkristiyan, the answer is quite simple, to be able to trade LTC someone should provide liquidity for LTC pair. pDEX is permissionless, so anyone can add as much liquidity as he/she wants. More liquidity - less slippage. Here is an instruction on how to add it: How to add liquidity in the pDEX.

Hey @henry it’s listed, but liquidity is very low, around $200.


It took me about 30 mins to receive my coin from coinbase, but it was only $20.

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Hi, can someone help me out here.
I shielded some funds in Dash assuming I could exchange them on the pDEX for PRV. Turns out I can’t and I can’t send the Dash back without PRV to pay the transaction fee. Now I checked and UNI can be used to buy PRV, so I sent some over but when trying to buy PRV with UNI, it says I have to top up on PRV to cover the fee, hmm.

Someone got any tips or some PRV so I can start moving my funds again?

Edit: Never mind I’ve found the faucet, for future reference: there is a faucet on discord

Edit2: Discord bot didn’t seem to work, did work



Same answer as above:

(hint – is a free faucet. No need to give up your crypto.)


Thank you Mike! The faucet work! I really hope the development team will patch the app so nobody else has to spend so much time trying to make transactions.

Love the ability to turn coin incognito.

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Hello @jwebbrei, your issue was resolved eventually :slightly_smiling_face: Could you mind updating the review?

Yeah but the cost exchange is several times greater then the conversion. You end up in the whole $200 to exchange $50. That is a scam for letting people deposit LiteCoin into the wallet

Not neccessarily so. Depends on what your main purpose is though, for me its a place to hold my crypto anonymously, so it’s fine.

Besides, liquidity for Ltc will only increase if users are able to deposit and provide liquidity for it.

So I must buy PRV with USDT (Tether)? I can’t use the BTC already in my wallet?

You can use any of the currencies in your wallet, USDT is the example we went with :slight_smile: