[SOLVED] Avatar size problem?

I cannot change my custom avatar. It seems uploaded but it isn’t updated. I think it has a maximum size but what is that size?

Not sure about the limits.
My avatar is 576 x 577 pixels, and size 51.4 kB
Can you try that?

Finally, I resolved the issue. I had to decrease the byte size to less than 50 KB.

Not resolved :slight_smile: There are inconsistencies. Ones left to my posts are anonymous avatars but my profile shows my avatar. Furthermore, once I open incognito.org in Opera with private mode and Chrome, my avatar is not displayed anywhere. My default browser is Opera. FYI

What type of file are you using?

Previously png, currently jpg.

Note: I think at least 20-character limit for a post should be removed. I couldn’t write just “jpg” :slight_smile:

lol, the system favors meaningful replies and posts. It warns you when it thinks what you are posting is already present, and so on. I understand it is inconvenient in your case, but overall it is not a bad number of characters you need to use.

It is a long shot, but is your image square?
If so, can you adjust it a little, make it not square and try again?

Now, it is long shot but no way. Before I’m going mad, I’m giving up this :slight_smile: I think Incognito should find/offer a solution, not me.

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Discourse seems to work best when Discourse handles the graphics. Uploading a non square image will trigger Discourse to generate its own version of the image and use that. You could say it is a Discourse flaw.

Using the anonymous avatar is just fine though. Don’t worry about it.

I couldn’t give up trying :)) I tried small, large, square, non-square, gravatar etc. No way. I want my avatar :slight_smile:

Now, I check that I see myself next to the posts but this time I cannot see myself in my settings page. Can you see my avatar? :slight_smile: @Jamie

No, I do not see your avatar.

Im having a similar issue. My profile image does upload but at the time of saving it does not save even though it shows as saved! Only happening with profile pic.

Hi Chucky, could you please try to resize the picture and upload it again?

I upload my handsome image for quite a few times but it doesn’t seem to display. Is there anything I missed OT? Thanks :smile::pray:


Hi, let’s resize it. I am using a picture ~ 65 KB

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Thanks it seems working :smile::pray:

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I see your handsome photo now :joy:

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I am sure this will help in more transactions as gals all over the world swarm to Incognito. Make sure you have lots of spare node processing power :smile::smile::smile:

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That’s great! We can’t wait to see it!

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