Small Guide On App Install

When I was first intro’ed to the app took me a little but of research to see the benefits. Maybe a small Guide on app install, 5-6 slides on what Incognito does and how to transfer funds.


hm yep. there’s a short animation right now (but it’s more like a trailer than a synopsis). maybe once the user opens the home screen for the first time, they could be prompted with a walkthrough of the core actions. this ‘user tutorial’ could later be accessed at any time from Settings or similar?

probably: shield, unshield, send, receive, trade.

let me know if you have any thoughts on common pain points we should address, or any ‘aha’ moments you discovered yourself that would have been helpful to learn about from the beginning.


Yeah that would be great, so far it’s receiving unshielded assets. I have to say that took me a little more time to figure out then I hoped it would. And then when you click stake now, instead of it only showing your staking balance maybe it could also show your account balance

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Yep, my idea for a “mascot” to walk a new user through the app so they know the ends and outs was shot down months ago. But some form of a walkthrough for each one of the home page logos would be a really good idea, seriously.


Even though if I think about turning that incognito person with hat and sunglasses from the logo into a Mascot which guides you could be really cool, but also lot of work :sunglasses: :computer:
However a guide can be done easily…

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I could do such a guide, if wanted…
Make it 1 slide for each action

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Yes exactly what I was thinking! And a small explanation for shielded/unshielded assets and why they are received in such a way.