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:globe_with_meridians: Exciting News for the Incognito Community! :rocket:

Dear Incognito enthusiasts,

We’re thrilled to share a significant development in the ShivX journey. As we continue striving for excellence, we’re excited to announce that the ShivX/USDC swap is now live on the Radium pool!

:arrows_counterclockwise: ShivX Swap Live:
You can now seamlessly swap ShivX for USDC, SOL, RAY and many more on the Radium pool. This provides an excellent opportunity to engage with ShivX and experience the benefits of this exciting liquidity pool.

:ocean: Contribute to Liquidity:
We invite you to actively participate in building liquidity. By contributing to the ShivX/USDC pool, you not only enhance the ecosystem but also unlock rewarding benefits.

:rocket: Why Contribute to Liquidity?
Adding liquidity is a powerful way to support the ShivX community. It contributes to a robust trading environment, improves liquidity provider rewards, and fosters a more vibrant ecosystem.

:bulb: How to Get Started:
Visit Radium pool to begin swapping and contributing to the ShivX/USDC pool. Your active involvement is crucial for the success of ShivX!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Let’s make this liquidity pool a thriving hub for the ShivX community!

Best Regards,
ShivX Admin
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Any progress on getting the coin verified on Incognito ?


I have ShivX on incognito. Is that usable now?

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Hi Silvercap,

Yes we are close now. Soon we will have good news.

Hi Slabb,

After the new updates on Incognito we won’t be able to use the old ShivX token. However, we are working on linking existing SHIVX/USDC Randum liquidity pool with Incognito so, we can ShivX back on Incognito.

Once ShivX is back users who are holding ShivX from the beginning will be rewarded with New ShivX token after verification.

Thank you so much for your trust.

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How will I be able to get the new ShivX for the ones I currently have? Or is what I have worthless?

Please update how to exchange the old ShivX tokens on incognito.

Hi Slabb,

Please refer below link and follow the steps to exchange old ShivX tokens on incognito.

Thanks. But are the old ShivX coins useless now?

@ShivX But are the old ShivX tokens here on incognito useless now?

:loudspeaker: Update on Old ShivX Tokens:

Dear ShivX Community,

We understand there might be concerns regarding the status of old ShivX tokens on Incognito. Here’s a clear update:

Delisting Decision: Due to circumstances in 2022, Incognito made the decision to delist ShivX. Unfortunately, this rendered the old ShivX tokens on Incognito non-tradable.

New ShivX Tokens: We’ve transitioned to the Solana blockchain for enhanced capabilities and are actively working on solutions to reintegrate ShivX into Incognito. The old tokens won’t be used, but we value your support.

Token Swap Plan: Those holding old ShivX tokens at the time of delisting or prior to delisting will be rewarded with new ShivX tokens in stages once ShivX is again live on Incognito.

SOL Support New ShivX: Incognito currently lacks SOL support, and we’re working on potential solutions to address this issue.

We appreciate your patience and ongoing support. Stay tuned for further updates as we strive to provide a seamless ShivX experience.

Best regards,
ShivX Team

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Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to exchanging the old ones for the new functioning ones.

Thanks for letting us know

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