Self delete

Free shipping in the U.S.
I’m also willing to pay half for out of the States shipping

It’s prefunded so itll earn forever with no need for 1750prv stake
You can always stake 1750 in the future if you want to,but it’s not needed.

I accept Bitcoin, PRV , LTC or usdt
Feel free to message back here (I’ll try to remember to check the forums)

I’m always available on telegram @atomicelement115

(It’s on my phone and notifies me lol)

I’ve always used it in a house with ac and took good care of it.

DISCLAIMER: Incognito does not transfer ownership of pNodes to new owners. That means the original owner could still access the node rewards. Buyer assumes all risk.

While the disclaimer is a little harsh, I will send the keys on purchase, I will never access it again ,I think it would be counter productive for me to steal the earnings bc you would unplug it and it would turn to a waste of time. The earnings per epoch aren’t enough to make anyone want to screw you over. I’m 100% a fan of incognito and want the community to win :grinning:

I also make 90k year on eBay and have a hot wife, willing to verify my eBay income, If needed to prove I don’t need money bad enough to steal

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@Jared, everyone knows only people with ugly wives steal money…

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:smirk: :sunglasses:

Lowered price to $300
Best deal in the galaxy.

I think you should try to sell it as “Very Limited Edition” :joy:

Ah, but I don’t see any fiber laser markings indicating as such :sweat_smile: :zap:

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I guess I could have it laser engraved.
Or maybe paint a black circle on it…

Jk not doing any of that.