(Resolved) Withdrawal of Provide *Rewards* stuck

Not the end of the world, but since it’s usually very quick I wanted to alert you in case there’s an issue. I have a provide rewards withdrawal (not provision) stuck pending for over 76 hours (3 days, 4+ hours).

Also, I created a new liquidity pool a few days ago and it does not appear to be active yet (WAY over the $10 minimum lol).

Thanks & Merry Christmas!

Hello @yoo,

I’ve your Provision issue to the app team.

Please let me know the pool you created and I’ll get that escalated to the app team as well.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thank you Jared. I created a BNB (Binance) / BNB (BSC) liquidity pool.

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Has your rewards withdrawal gone through yet?

It did, but I have another one that’s also hanging…


We’ve found a stuck vNode that the dev team will manually unstake. After that the Provide rewards should continue as normal.

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Thank you Jared! Any idea about the bnb liquidity pool I added?

@khanhj said he would look into this. Hopefully know more later today.

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Thanks to you both!

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We have verified the BNB (Binance) / BNB (BSC) liquidity pool to make it available for swapping on pDEX.

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Thank you! It is active, however something doesn’t seem right. When I test a swap from one to the other (either bnb to bsc or the other way around), it seems to lose quite a bit of value.

For example if I put in a trade of .2 bnb, it only shows I’d receive .1816 bsc (the fee is only .0005 bnb, but it’s showing 1 bnb = .9084 bsc). .5 only gets .399 and 1 bnb only gets .666 bsc (it keeps getting worse the greater the amount). I know it’s not a massive pool (2 bnb plus 2 bsc), but the price impact seems way off.

Hi @Jared. My Withdrawing rewards button has been stuck for a few days now. You may already be aware of this issue. Thank you again!

The Incognito pDEX following AMM price curve, you can check how it work here:

So in order to get rid of this, the pool owners should provide more liquidity.

@khanhj @Support
Any chance we could bring back the feature in the app where you could see the amount of liquidity for each token in a pool? Might be helpful.
Also, it’s been pretty much impossible to contribute liquidity to the BTC/PRV pool for a while now—1 sat requires over 289K PRV! What’s the story there?
Thanks in advance for any explanations and/or recommendations.

I get the AMM curve, but it still doesn’t seem right - this is a 1:1 coin / pool - it’s the same coin on different blockchains. At the time I’m responding here, the total liquidity for what I’ve provided is $1284.00 – while it’s not a massive pool, it’s also not a $10-20 pool. It just feels like something’s wrong – too much is being lost in smaller trades.

I wonder if it has something to do with pdex showing the incorrect values for the BNB & BSC coins? (Right now Incognito thinks 1 BNB (Binance) is only worth $13.44 [instead of $321.00]).

Thank you.

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