[Resolved] Trade transaction Pending for a long time

My 96975 pDEX trade is Pending since a long time. Could you have a look please? Thanks



I have 5 trades stuck in pending (97010 97014 97017 97025 97032) for hours now. Some of them I don’t think coins were “taken” but some were. Could you please check and/or cancel the trades?


Hi @yoo, the system had an issue that caused the stuck, it was fixed already, let’s go through every your trade along with its status:

  • 97010: refunded.
  • 97014: succeded.
  • 97017: succeded.
  • 97025: refunded.
  • 97032: refunded.

Please help check your balances to see if everything is okay. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you - looks good!

Hey @tipota78, your trade went through too, please check your balance, thanks!

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my transaction is processing for 1 day ID : 117527