(Resolved) PRV anytime rewards withdraw stuck

PRV anytime rewards withdraw stuck for over 72 hours now.

Support has told me that is normal up to 7 days

For regular provision withdrawals yes, but rewards are supposed to be much quicker.

@Support is this true? I thought they all got out in the same queue and execute in order

Normal backup, swaps have become hit or miss also, low volume trading does this from time to time.

Same here, been more than 72 hours. While the disclaimer is up to 7 days, that’s never been the norm, IME. Often @Support will intervene if Provide reward withdrawals take more than 72 hours. Guess we’ll see…

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@yoo @slabb @Silvercap718 @3prime,

There was a vNode set to unstake but was stuck. The devs are resolving this and then the backlog of PRV rewards should process as normal. Sorry for the delay.


Thanks for the update. I’m still waiting on mine. I’ll keep you posted.

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Mine still is too. It’s been 4 days so far, but won’t worry until 7 days

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Yes, but there are two queues AFAIK.

I’ve asked this (as I’m sure many others have)… Up to 72hr for rewards withdrawal (the PRV interest that you’ve earned & want to use or restake).
The Provision (capital) invested into the Provision program on the App… that takes up to 7 days.
Rewards/Interest withdrawal is unfortunately accompanied by an Incog node “unstaking”. This apparently takes time.
My Rewards had to been “pending” for 72 hours yet, others apparently had.

Gotcha. I didn’t realize there were 2 queues

Is it still stuck for you? Mine still haven’t processed.

My Withdrawal has cleared

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My 3 Rewards withdrawals have cleared/processed prob 3 days ago.

Is ur withdrawal Rewards/Interest or Provision/Capital? Different queue.

@slabb Sorry to hear you’re still waiting. My reward and provision withdrawals both cleared 2 days ago.
I would DM @Support with your Provide withdrawal transaction ID so they can look into it.
Good luck and let us know how it goes, please.

You’re right. The difference is that mine is provision and not rewards, so that is the difference.