[Resolved] Provide withdrawal delays

Is anyone else having trouble with their provide withdrawal being delayed much longer than usual?

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it always does take a few days. But we need to make sure that they are still happening. Can we have the community leaders and dev’s weigh in on this? @Jared @duc

Earlier I was getting timeouts htting beta-fullnode.incognito.org running some API commands to check balances but that seems to be working now. Not sure if it’s related

Provide withdraws process in the order received. They are still processing and happen automatically.

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I’ve truly never had any problems! Longest wait ever for me wasn’t even 48 hrs! Most have been same day/half day receipt!
Withdrew a fraction of eth in under an hour before, so shout out to everyone behind the scene!!!
I’m pretty frequently in and out of provide to lp and back so I’ll continue to tell people, great experience overall on Incognito! :+1: