(Resolved) Provide rewards backed up again?

on the fourth day waiting for rewards withdrawal. Had been going so smoothly for a Nice stretch before that. Anyone else in the waiting line?

Yes, also waiting for rewards withdrawal.

Same, fourth day as well.

Yes, as late as at least a week ago it seemed like rewards and even provisions were being received within hours, and now it’s been days.

@Jared any news?

Update, Withdrawal competed.

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@Silvercap718 @yoo @3prime @drusin,

There was a stuck vNode that wouldn’t unstake causing a backlog of TXs. This has now been taken care of and your withdrawals should have processed as expected.


Thanks, running smooth a silk now!

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This “stuck vNode” thing seems to be an ongoing issue.

It’s a little disconcerting that a single node getting “stuck” (what does that mean exactly) can basically break the whole network…and we have to rely on the dev team to go in a manually unstake it?

@Jared How is this being address so that:

  1. it doesn’t happen in the future
  2. We aren’t reliant on the centralized dev team to fix it, else the network is at a standstill?

As previously stated, Provide does not have any thing to do with the network. The Provide aspect of the app is automated but requires vNodes to be unstaked to pay out the PRV if there is not enough available immediately in the pool. Sometimes, nodes can take longer than expected to unstake.

@Jared Is this an issue again? Withdrawal seems to be taking longer than before again.

Another stuck node?

If it hasn’t been more than 7 days it isn’t a problem yet.


my withdrawal has been stuck for 3 days now in Pending status. Any news about it?

That’s normal. It takes up to 7 days with no problems. Make a ticket once it reaches the 8th day.